12 August 2014

Sedapnya Susu Mama #Episod 2

[Episod 2]

How to Increase Your Milk Supply: 35 Ways to Boost Your Milk Supply

1. Breastfeed frequently. Frequent breastfeeding is the number one key to boosting your milk supply.

2. Offer both breasts during feedings.

3. Make sure baby nurses long enough to empty your breast when she nurses.

4. Don’t schedule feedings. Follow your baby’s hunger cues for feeding.

5. Allow your baby to cluster feed. Cluster feeding is when a baby breastfeeds several times during a short period of time. Babies often cluster feed in the evenings before they go to sleep.

6. Try switch nursing. Nurse on one breast, if baby gets tired of nursing switch to the other breast, and continue switching breasts until both breasts are empty or baby will no longer suck.

7. Use breast compression when you nurse. Breast compression involves massaging your breast and squeezing extra milk out as your baby nurses.

8. Breastfeed at night. Night feedings are great for boosting milk supply.

9. Pump after nursing. Usually pumping after nursing will help empty the breast. If you find that you are not pumping anything after nursing you can try pumping before nursing. Babies are much more efficient at emptying the breast than a pump so this may work better for some moms.

10. If your supply is low or baby is not gaining weight see a lactation consultant for help.

11. Make sure baby is latching on well. Try more than one technique to get your baby latched on.

12. Get support from breastfeeding moms.

13. Pump while you nurse. Pump on one side and nurse on the other. Then switch sides and let baby empty the breast that you pumped.

14. Get lots of skin to skin contact with baby.

15. Nurse in bed. Lying down in bed may help you relax and allow baby to nurse for longer periods of time.

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Enjoy your breastfeeding

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